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St. Marys / Camden Charter Fishing

Our charters begin with our first contact. We will need to know what type of charter (fishing-our boat, guided-your boat, sightseeing, or area indoctrination) you desire and the duration ½ day (4 hours), ¾ day (6 hours), or full day (8+ hours). We will need to know the number, age, and brief medical history or special needs of each member of your party. In addition, we would like to know what your over-all expectations are for your charter. Based upon this information, we will develop a plan tailored to optimize your opportunity for a successful and enjoyable experience. Once decided upon, you will be notified of the time and departure location for your charter. On D-day, our captain will be awaiting your arrival with the boat stocked and fully ready to begin our adventure. You will be given a short indoctrination on boating safety, review medical histories or special needs of members of your party, and review details of the days game plan and then depart. As the day progresses, we will adjust our plan as the prevailing circumstances dictate. Pictures taken during the day will be provided free of charge.

fishingFishing Charter

We will need to know what types of fishing (live bait, artificial-top water, soft plastics, etc) you enjoy and which fish species (seasonal) you wish to target. In addition, we will need to know what types of tackle (spinning, bait casting, fly) you are familiar with. We supply all but fly fishing tackle and gear. Upon return we will clean & bag your catch. For seasonal fish information click here: Seasonal Fishing Chart

fishingAlligator Hunting

Alligator hunting is excellent opportunity to see wildlife at its best. We will guide you through marsh­lands to hunt one of North America's most dangerous reptiles.

Your safety is our utmost importance. Our guides are experienced and do everything within their abilitiy to insure that you have a safe and memorable adventure.

Click the thumnail images below to view results from alligator hunts!

St Marys Alligator Hunting St Marys Alligator Hunting St Marys Alligator Hunting St Marys Alligator Hunting

Guided Charter ($50/hr)

This service is provided on your vessel. Different from a charter, you will be responsible for fuel, ice, refreshments, bait, tackle, clean-up, etc. We will accompany you, guide and consult regarding your vessel and gear fitness for your desired expectations. We will need to know your vessels make, model, and year as well as your vessels equipment and accessories. If fishing, we also need to know what tackle and gear you have.

sightseeingSightseeing Charter

These charters are generally more leisurely and relaxing than fishing or guided charters. Areas of coverage may include the flora and fauna of the St. Marys River Island, the Crooked River, Intercoastal Waterway, and/or Amelia Island. Specific area of interest should be discussed in advance, such as walks on the beach, visits to Amelia Island, picnics, etc.

areaArea Indoctrination Charter

These charters encompass two types of voyages. The first involves specific real estate (water or marsh front) relative to other properties from a frontage perspective including its geographic location within the estuarine and coastal environment. The second includes a general and specific touring education on tidal influences, depths, sound bars/mud flats, public and historical areas, restricted access areas, as well as a general geographic overview. Specific areas or properties should be discussed in advance.