Frequently Asked Questions about our Camden / St. Marys Charter

  1. What is a weather day? – A weather day is any day the captain feels is not fishable or safe to depart due to a continuing or approaching weather system.  All charter parties are contacted the evening before departure to discuss weather conditions and make final plans.  If a charter is canceled due to a weather day, there is no charge for that day and an alternate date may be set.

  2. What happens if the weather turns bad during my charter? - The number one priority of your captain is for the safety and welfare of his passengers. Coastal weather can change suddenly, producing showers and thunderstorms.  Generally short in duration, these showers and thunderstorms may often be severe.  Your captain maintains a constant watch and monitoring for any perceived threat to his passengers.  If any threat is perceived from approaching showers or thunderheads, visible lightning, or the sound of thunder, your captain will seek the nearest safe land shelter and remain there until the threat has passed.  Once passed, the trip will resume.
  3. What if I get seasick? - Seasickness is a type of motion sickness associated with the rolling motion of a vessel.  If you believe you may become seasick or have experienced any prior form of motion sickness, it would be wise to take any one of the number of over-the-counter drugs for motion sickness prior to departure.  It is also wise to avoid alcohol and food or drink products with a high sugar content the night before and morning of your charter.  In the event you do begin to feel seasick, notify your captain immediately.  In most cases, pulling anchor and a short cruise is all that is needed to quell that seasick feeling.  In other cases, relocating to calmer waters or a walk on solid ground may be necessary. In all cases, your safety, comfort, and health are your captain's number one priority and his decisions will be made accordingly. In the unlikely event that you do not get over your seasickness feeling, it is your decision whether or not to end the day early.
  4. Does Salt Grass Charters guarantee catching fish? - While we cannot guarantee you will catch fish, we will do everything possible to ensure your highest probability and opportunity to land your fish.
  5. How many people may I take ? We strongly suggest you keep your fishing charter to two or three individuals, including yourself, in order to maximize the quality of your experience.  Regardless of boat size, it is geometrically more difficult to fish with more than three individuals.  For this reason we charge an additional $75 if you wish to add a fourth individual.  Guided, sightseeing, and area indoctrination charters may accommodate up to six individuals including yourself.
  6. At what time and where do we depart from? Charters may begin at any time during the day depending upon your schedule, tidal stage, and type of trip.  Most charters will depart from Lang's Marina East, located in downtown St. Marys, Georgia.  However, some charters may depart from Crooked River State Park, Harrietts Bluff, Cumberland or Amelia Islands.  Departure times and locations will be discussed with you in advance to determine the best time and convenience for you.
  7. Although Salt Grass provide tackles, may I bring my own? Of course you can.  If you have a favorite rod and reel or lures, feel free to bring them. It's all about confidence!
  8. What do I need to bring? The things we suggest you bring are:
    1. ) Appropriate seasonal clothing including windproof, rain suits if you have them.
    2. ) Sunglasses.
    3. ) Hat.
    4. ) Sunscreen and bug repellant, if you have favorites.
    5. ) Scuff resistant boat shoes.
    6. ) An ice chest or other means of carrying your fish home.
    7. ) While Salt Grass provides basic soft drinks and water, if you have a preference for specific soft drinks, water, or sports drinks - you may bring them as we provide plenty of cooler space.
    8. ) Snacks and/or sandwiches. You will be hungry after catching fish all day! Please note that banana's are not allowed on board as an old fisherman's tale is that they are bad luck on a boat. It's not because we are superstitious, it's just why chance it!

  9. May I bring alcoholic beverages? You may bring alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, and wine coolers.  We do not object to a relaxing drink along and along.  However, if in the captain's opinion, you or a member of your group begins to show effects from alcohol or get out of hand, it is his prerogative to end the charter immediately.  You will still be liable for the full charter expense in such cases.  Therefore, if your expectation is to go out and drink all day, stay home.  Our charters are designed as fun, educational outings not as a floating platform for excessive alcoholic consumption.
  10. Fishing is seasonal.  What species can I expect to catch? Yes, fishing is seasonal, but we are blessed here in St. Marys with fishing year-round.  As the seasons change, so do the species, locations, and methods that we employ to catch them.  Therefore, as the seasons change, the fish targeted change.  Please review our fishing chart which will give you a general idea by season of each species.
  11. Do you have toilets facilities on board? No we do not.  However, it is rare to be more than 10 to 15 minutes from a land-based facility.